Located on a 21.000 m² area campus within Konya’s Organized Industrial Zone, Ekerler Alüminyum produces aluminum discs as semi-finished products which are used in the kitchenware and cookware industry. With a continuous casting technology capable of producing 1000 tons per month, Ekerler Alüminyum has made an indelible impression on the aluminum sector in a short span of time thanks to its guiding principle of providing customers with a quality product and outstanding service from its innovative management and professional staff.


Aluminum discs can be utilized in the production of products such as saucepans, teapots, and other kitchenware by coating the items with Teflon or enamel. With an abundant mold list, Ekerler Alüminyum produces discs in accordance with the demands of its customers.



Web Site is Now Live!

To serve our customers better, our web site is now live and improvements will continue in the following days. Here you can follow our current products and obtain information about our company. Our site was designed to display best from all devices and browsers and is now mobile-friendly and more interactive!



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